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NFT Comics
3 min readJan 29, 2021


The success of our opening series was far more than we could expect. It’s been a great start and we can’t be more pleased and thankful about the response.

Apart from swelling our discord community to over 200 members, making over 100 sales on rarible, getting over 500 followers on Twitter, and a whole bunch of friends and connections, here are a few highlights of this season:

Some stills from all the the series comics, also a sneak peek into the bonus NFT

Massive community participation

Some of our best ideas came from the community. The coins for the ‘Altseason Train’, the entire XRP episode, the high gas fees idea, all were suggested by community members. In fact, we have stored a few surprises when the predictions come true in the future.

We were so overwhelmed by the response that we resorted to a streak of random giveaways and drops for people who were active on discord and Twitter. We intend to, of course, keep this up as we roll into the later weeks.

The start of our Twitter page and how it grew over time

Peer-to-Peer Transfers

This was perhaps our largest breakthrough. We noticed that the rising gas prices really harmed the community, and given our weekly burns, there was only a small window to buy our art. So we resorted to taking orders on discord, and would manually transfer the NFTs once the payment was made thereby drastically reducing the gas fees involved. This was wholeheartedly received by our community who really appreciated the gesture.

First Features and Collaborations

We had our first collaboration with the official and created an NFT for them. We were thrilled to be featured by Power Surge, in his weekly roundup video, and also Crypto Wieners with their awesome voxel art.

Bitcoin Brian, as shown by Crypto Weiners, known for their contributions to cryptovoxels

Branching on to new platforms

While we were strongly considering a side chain on wax, another new and upcoming project really caught our eye with their wholesome community and exciting product. We created a degacha machine on the doki doki Finance page and were a significant hit, racking up over 70 spins in the first 24 hours. While we are only the second project to embrace the new platform, we see this with tremendous potential and really appreciate the warmth we received in our AMA. Trying to stay progressive with the times we will continue on to explore newer horizons.

Our Machine on Doki Doki’s Degacha

Bonus NFT Collectors

The Bonus NFT is for those who collect all 5 in a series, we were touched to see that despite being brand new on the block, apart from the founders and team members, 4 collectors have gone ahead and collected all 5 NFTs in season 1. We would really like to congratulate and thank eroejoe, alifarhad aka: cryptking, RESISTANCE, and of course, purple lioness for showing their faith and support to our project. They each get the bonus NFT(7/7), a feature on our Twitter page, enhanced decision making roles on our server and an article describing their work from yours truly.

Drawing from these experiences we are rolling out some new features like subscription packs and have lined up many more surprises, airdrops and collaborations in Season #2 which are best kept a surprise.

So come get your subscriptions and comics while they last and join the fast-growing community of ‘NFT Comics’, we really would love to hear from you and appreciate all the support on (Twitter) (Rarible) (Discord)



NFT Comics

We make quirky NFT comics based on the ongoings in the crypto space as suggested by our community members. Join us to recieve some awesome surprises.